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Eidsvoll Quarantine Station is the most modern quarantine station in
Norway . We are also the only quarantine station that is approved according to new and revised quarantine laws and regulations for Norway .

Eidsvoll Quarantine Station is located close to Oslo International airport (20 minutes drive), though quiet and scenic located out on the country side (build on a small farm) 25 km north of the airport - 4 km from our main road E6. See map under
sub catalog “about ".

Eidsvoll Quarantine Station is able to quarantine dogs and cats also into Sweden , because Norway and Sweden have the same quarantine system.

Eidsvoll Quarantine Station have
large cages for cats (1,4 m2/ 2,5 m3) and the possibility for cats to walk in and out to a corresponding outside cage.
The cages are equipped with a lot of details - toys and other funny items - to ensure mental
stimulance and activity. Cats also have access to a big fenced outside room – called “cat land” Both cats and dogs have their own bed and mattress. We urge you to bring something that has your smell on it (blanket, cloth etc.)
All items you bring into the quarantine station, that not are
desinfectable, will be destroyed (burned) and not returned to you (don't bring any expensive/especially items!)

Eidsvoll Quarantine Station have 2 large and cosy "visiting rooms" available for animal owners - for the purpose of playing with, socialising and activating your animal. For dogs we also have, besides the dogs own in and outside pen, two large exercising areas (400 + 650m2) where it is possible to exercise and train your dog - we have agility obstacles. You are free to visit your animal as often as you want – but you must make an appointment. We will have your dog activated outside for several hours every day despite your visit or not. After approximately 2 months in quarantine, it is possible for dogs (on same quarantine status) to play together in the large exercise areas (if you disagree upon this, we need to be specific told so). We think it is very important for the dogs mental health, to have the opportunity to play together with other dogs!
Eidsvoll Quarantine Station have a veterinarian living nearby (5 minutes) on call, 24 hours/day, securing your animals welfare and health. Our caretakers are educated and experienced animal health assistants, with, among others, experience from similar jobs in
USA (humane society).

Eidsvoll Quarantine Station is build with a floor heating (water) system (your animal is living close to the floor!) and an over-dimensioned ventilation system, secures a healthy and odour free environment. Music is available in most rooms. We are using food, from
Royal Canin If you prefer another brand, it is OK - but you have to pay extra or bring it your self. For more details about payment etc. look into the sub-catalogue "prices"

In order to reserve a place, a form has to be filled in, we will E-mail it to you upon your request. Click the "Mail us" button and send us a letter! We will pick up the animal at the airport and bring it to the quarantine station. You will not be allowed to visit your animal the first 10 days (isolation).

If you have more questions, please contact us by E-mail, fax or phone. We will be glad to assist you.

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